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Coffee Call Teams

COFFEE CALL TEAMS – Many thanks to all the people who have volunteered to help with the church coffee call teams.   coffee cross

Click the following link to see the team and dates that your team will serve. Please mark your calendars.

Thanks again to all of you for your help!



April 17, 2016

Many thanks to all of you!  No major changes.  A few drops or additions of people so check your list to see if there are any changes.  Thanks to you all for your time.

I will just list the general instructions.

Paper Supplies: Please contact Jenny Garver if we are getting low paper supplies Her phone number is 301-416-2886.


Coffee Call   We are making an informal coffee call with finger foods. We do not want people to make lunch out of coffee callA small plate, napkin and a cup for their beverage are all that is needed. We will need forks when we have cake for a special occasion.


Calling your team When calling your team–please emphasize that their help is needed for setup/during and after the coffee call.  At least four people are necessary for serving during coffee call .  One person to help in each area: coffee/tea; cold beverages; assist at the food table and to bring refills as needed.   I suggest calling by Monday/Tuesday prior to the coffee call. Husbands/boyfriends/children can also help even though their names are not listed.


Food.  Food suggestions: mini muffins, donut holes, donuts (cut in half), cheese curls, coffee cake (cut in small pieces), cookies, cheese/crackers, pretzels, veggie spinach dip, fruit (must for people that cannot have sugar foods).  If you need expenses paid, please provide receipts and check with Pastor Joe for reimbursement from the treasurer.


BeveragesYou need to purchase (store brands are fine and less expensive).

 1–3 liter of Ginger ale – REFRIGERATE  – ICE IS NOT NEEDED

 1-3 liter Cola

1-3 liter other flavor

(if you are making punch, include a couple bottles of fruit juice and 4 bottles of ginger ale)  

1 half and half or milk (pint) (for coffee)

Place them in a refrigerator either at the church or at home, prior to coffee call.

Pitcher of ice water (for those who prefer water)


Coffee Pot:  The direct line of water is connected to the coffee maker.   Put coffee filter and coffee in coffee basket, be sure empty coffee carafe is on the bottom left burner to catch coffee.  Hit start and turn the left burner button on, for the coffee to brew.  Coffee/filters/tea items are in the coffee bar cabinet area of the kitchen.  Hot cups should be in the kitchen, additional cups are in boxes behind the stage. If you need help in using the coffee maker please call me.


If you experience any problems with the coffee maker, please call Jean McCammon  at 301733-4620.  We are asking volunteers to donate coffee when needed since we now own our coffee maker.  If we need more coffee, creamer, sugar, please contact me.


Supplies – Items such as tablecloths, etc. are located in a drawer, just inside the kitchen from the social room. Check the supplies of plates, hot cups, cold cups and napkins in the kitchen.  For the “better” tablecloths – they are stored upstairs in the closet to the left in the church secretary office. Please wash and replace the linens.


Tables – If table are not set up, please ask some of the gentlemen in the church to help put them up. 


Buddy System I encourage you to have a “buddy system”.  Ask one or two people on your team to train in case you are absent.  If you have any questions, please give me a call.

 Thanks again!

 Jean McCammon

301-733 4620