Sunday Schedule

9:00am - Christian Education, kids & adults
(Bible study and discussion)

10:15am - Worship Services
(2nd Sunday is Contemporary)


Pastor: Robert Lewis
Organist: Marianne Talhelm
Choir Director: Mike Beeler


Patrick Bowl – President
Karen Tribett – Vice President
Theresa Foster – Secretary
Cindy Hutchinson – Education Committee Liaison
Susan Layos – Finance Committee Liaison
Keith Lefler – Property Committee LIaison
Jami Mullendore – Stewardship Committee Liaison
Audrey Poffenberger – Mutual Ministry Committee Liaison
Melissa Schwalbe – Outreach Committee Liaison
Julie Williams – Worship and Music Committee Liaison
Members of Council who serve by constitutional provision:
Tony Nally
John Talley

*denotes members of council who serve by constitutional provision – i.e. they are not elected