Sunday Schedule

9:00am - Christian Education, kids & adults
(Bible study and discussion)

10:15am - Worship Services
(2nd Sunday is Contemporary)

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• The chairperson recruits committee members with the guidance and assistance of the congregation
council president and the pastor.

• The chairperson calls meetings as needed in order to fulfill the functions of the committee.

• The chairperson contacts the members of his/her committee in order to schedule meetings and to remind the members of previously scheduled meetings.

• The chairperson contacts the office secretary to request him/her to announce a scheduled meeting in church bulletins and/or newsletter.

• The chairperson presents topics for discussion recommended by the congregation council president, pastor, members of the committee, and members of the congregation.

• The chairperson plans and coordinates the committee’s actions in order to fulfill the long-range goals and ministry objectives of the congregation.

• The chairperson is the spokesperson for the committee, reporting to the congregation council president and to the congregation.

• The chairperson prepares a year-end report of the committee’s activities for the annual report.

• The chairperson or designee provides a monthly written report for the congregation council and for written minutes of each committee meeting.

• The chairperson conducts the meetings by Roberts Rules of Order.