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Getting to Know You: The Bowl Family

Categories: Getting to Know You

If you don’t know Patrick and Kristin Bowl, it isn’t due to their lack of involvement and enthusiasm for Trinity.  They have been in our pews for seven years, and during that time doubled the size of their family with the births of son Kieran, 5 and daughter Alexandra, 3.

Kristin, a life-long Lutheran, chose to visit Trinity first and then planned to check out other churches from there.  On their first day here, Helen Funk invited Kristin to sing in the choir, and we have had the blessing of her vocal talents ever since.   A frequent guest with Bowls is Kristin’s mother, Nancy Accipiter, with whom many in our congregation have enjoyed time and conversation.

In addition to their own business, WebWithEase, both Kristin and Patrick pursue careers, Patrick with FirstData and Kristin as a freelance writer.  In spite of all of these obligations, both Bowls find time and energy for Trinity, serving on several committees and Council.  The children have yet to be employed, but enjoy Star Wars and anything princess.  You can figure out which is which!

The Bowls share many favorite Trinity memories:  choir, the support received during Kristin’s pregnancies, Kieran as the baby Jesus, chili cook offs and the warmth of our congregation.

“We treasure family and the time we spend with them.  There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for them.  Trinity has become our extended family – that’s why we try to do as much as we can.  Not only has God blessed our lives, but so has Trinity.”

Get to know the Bowls.  Perhaps you might get to sample the most wonderful chocolate trifle in the USA!