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Historical Documents

Historical Documents from Trinity in 1975

Below is are scanned pages from a document provided by Frankie (Frances) Everline in the year 2008, which includes information on Trinity prepared in 1975 on the church’s history, the Salem Church Graveyard, the origins of the Sunday School program, the Women’s Missionary Society, Church Music, People of the Church at the time, Selected Excerpts from the Minutes of Council Meetings dating from 1845, Church Affiliations in the Parish, Items from the Council Records, Innovations between 1970-1975, a list of Pastors in the Church between 1802 and 1970, Extending the Work of Trinity, and the 1975 Church Council. The name Merle Funk is written in pen on the last page, along with the date. I’m not sure whether Merle compiled this information, or whether this was simply his copy. I think it is the former. Thanks to Frankie for making this information available for all. (webmaster, Kristin Bowl)