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Trinity Pipe Organ Restoration

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Following a fire at the church in May of 2011, Trinity Lutheran’s M.P.Moller pipe organ was restored by the Lawless & Associates Pipe Organ Company of Greencastle, PA.

The organ, which was installed in the church in 1954, was completely dismantled and all the pieces cleaned and refurbished.

Watch the video – to see the video full screen, click on the bracket icon at the bottom right of the screen below.


It is anticipated that the organ work will be completed and the organ reinstalled around Labor Day of 2012.

It was a massive and expensive (thank goodness for insurance) project and we are extremely fortunate that the Lawless company is still in existence and capable of such fine work. Trinity’s organ was being repaired alongside of the organ from the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.

The staff at Lawless say the organ should stay in fine shape for many, many years to come, most likely beyond our lifetime.  Embedded here are two rough videos shot on the spur of the moment during an Open House Lawless held on 5/5/2012, which featured some of the work on Trinity’s pipe organ.

The video below is of a posterboard Lawless made for the open house, which features photos from the removal of Trinity’s organ for the restoration.

The MP Moller pipe organ company, which crafted the organ originally, is no longer in existence, so we are fortunate that the organ can be restored.  We are particularly fortunate that we were beginning a ceiling project at the time of the fire and a tarp had already been placed over the organ console to protect it from dust – a move which ultimately protected it from the water used to fight the fire a few feet from the altar.

Needless to say, we cherish the organ and are extremely excited to have it back home.

Also below is a brochure Lawless made available about pipe organs during the open house.