Sunday Schedule

9:00am - Christian Education, kids & adults
(Bible study and discussion)

10:15am - Worship Services
(2nd Sunday is Contemporary)

Usher Guidelines

During the Service

After the service has started, one usher should remain in the narthex to help any latecomers. No one should enter while the congregation is engaged in prayer or confession.

Open & Closing the Center Nave Doors

These doors should be opened by the ushers prior to service. They are then closed after the Processional. They are then opened just prior to the ushers receiving the offering.

Receiving the Offering

The ushers and greeters proceed to the chancel area and receive the offering plates from the acolytes. The first pair take center position the second pair takes their place at the rail beside the center pair. They then turn out toward side walls and proceed to receive offerings.

Returning the Offering

After the anthem is sung and the offertory is being sung the ushers bring forth the plates to the chancel rail where the acolytes accept them. The ushers and greeters then turn toward each other to leave, the center pair leaving first. They then proceed down the aisle to the narthex.

Distribution of Holy Communion

The two ushers or a greeter (if depending upon those who are serving), move the piano against the front pew, take their places in the pew behind the acolytes.

Ushering the Congregation

After the pastor, crucifer, acolytes, and communion assistant have communed, they then open side doors by chancel area – holding them open for the choir to commune first. They then take their places by the center aisle and then usher the congregation to the chancel rail – about 10 persons per side. The ushers may commune with the last table of communicants. If one side finished before the other, please wait until that side has completed their communion.

After all have communed ushers leave the sanctuary by the center aisle – open the center doors – prepare for the Recessional.